Vijay Sehgal & Co. offers valuable opportunities in the field of Audit & Assurance, Risk Advisory and Consulting, Taxation, Company Law & Secretarial Services, Management Services, Performance Optimization, etc. We help each other to enhance our knowledge and sharpen professional skills and exhibit strong interpersonal, organizational and technical abilities.

We believe that, through the development of these aptitudes/ skills, we shall maintain the preeminent position in professional service organizations and offer finest services to our clients. We seek people who are committed towards professional achievement and personal integrity.

Candidates may apply for the following career opportunities:-

  • They will be taken as paid CA’s and based on their knowledge, preference and performances, they are inducted and promoted in the hierarchy, at a satisfactory remuneration, so that can offer their best to the clients.

  • The firm also welcomes candidates who have completed the article-ship training with other firms and wish to enhance their professional skills, can also join our firm as Semi-qualified CA’s. Based on their knowledge, preference and performances, they are assigned suitable portfolios.

  • Smart youngsters, with high ambition, who are eligible as per regulations of ICAI, can join our firm, as article trainees.

  • Professionals, having rich experience in a particular field, viz. Taxation, FEMA, Finance, legal matters, Cost Control, mergers & acquisitions, etc can apply to us, as Consultants.

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