The firm's foremost objective is to attain and adhere to the highest professional standards. In order to maintain its objective of achieving the highest professional standards, the firm has developed its own practices and procedures which emphasis on quality of work. The Firm has determination of service quality viz:-
(a) Reliability: The ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately
(b) Responsiveness: The willingness to help clients and to provide prompt service.
(c) Empathy: The provision of caring individualized attention to clients.
(d) Tangibles: The appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personal and communication materials.


Audit & Assurance

  • Statutory Audits
  • We as a Statutory Auditor, assure that the accounts and financials have been prepared in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Standards on Auditing (SAs), and that they are free from material misstatements and errors.

  • Tax Audits
  • The main objective of the tax audit is to compute the taxable income according to the law and maintain transparency in the financial statements filed by the assessees with the Income-tax department. Tax Audit is governed by section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

    Our endeavor is to mitigate the burden of tax and to review that disallowances and deductions if any, under the various provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961 are properly and correctly calculated, so that the income assessable can be computed correctly.

  • Due diligence
  • We offer clients to acquire the business intelligence they need to make more informed decisions when entering new markets or contemplating new deals. Our investigative due diligence provides clients with multi-sourced information as well as the cultural context that is crucial in a global economy for understanding the true level of risk involved.

  • Opinions on Indian Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • We provide comprehensive and supported solutions for the Accounting Standards and IFRS treatments. We help our clients improve their Accounting Standards compliance (India), IFRS financial reporting (Global) by providing high-quality, consistent and timely knowledge of Accounting Standards and IFRS reporting.

  • Conversion from Indian GAAPs to IFRS etc.
  • We help our clients to convert and consolidate their financials framed under Indian GAAPs to IFRS and vice-versa.

Risk Advisory and Consulting Top

  • Internal and Management Audits
  • The role of internal and management audit is to provide independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.We provide the best strategic advice, assess the risks in depth, improve the internal control systems of the organization and assist them to achieve their business objectives.

  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Internal Control Review (ICR) is a detailed evaluation of the degree to which the organization has designed, established, documented and followed the policies and procedures necessary to achieve specific functional goals and objectives and avoid unwanted outcomes. The ICR focuses upon how well procedures operate for a given function rather than the broader, common controls assessed through a vulnerability assessment.

    We offer our clients with the detailed report of ICR, and help in the implementation of necessary plans and policies for the eventual growth of the organization.

  • Risk Assessment and Clause 49 Implementation
  • We assess and neutralize potential risks of our clients that may be involved in any projected activity or undertaking.

    Further, We also review the Corporate Governance (i.e clause 49 of the listing agreement) in the organizations so as to make organization open, transparent, ethical,compliant to rules and regulations, responsible, and integral.

  • SOX compliance
  • Companies struggle to meet the challenges of increased regulatory compliance while focusing on core business issues and cost reduction in a challenging marketplace. Our Sarbanes Oxley compliance functions can help them focus on core value-added processes. We help our clients meet their complex business challenges. We arrange specialists who can work seamlessly on cross-border engagements, to support key client opportunities. We ensure compliance of Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 2002. During the process, we examine the internal controls and procedures of financial reporting adopted by our clients so as to reduce the possibility of the corporate frauds.

Taxation Services

  • Corporate and personal tax compliance
  • We offer high-quality and cost-effective tax compliance services to organizations and individuals with scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient options to address shifts in your tax compliance support needs. Our tax compliance framework addresses the needs of organizations of various sizes and complexity.

    The services also include income-tax assessments, appeals before the commissioner (appeals) and the income-tax appellate tribunal.

  • International and Domestic Tax Planning
  • We assist our clients to plan from the tax perspective, so that they can align their financial goals with tax efficiency planning. We help them to accomplish all other elements of a financial plan in the best tax-efficient manner possible. The planning includes wide analysis of global and national taxation laws.

  • Filing of Income-tax and Wealth-tax returns
  • We offer varieties of professional services to our clients. On the go, we also help our clients to file the returns of Income Tax and Wealth Tax. We file returns of resident and non-resident individuals, other entities and domestic and foreign companies.

  • Transfer Pricing Study and Reports
  • We help companies to reduce risks by aligning practical transfer pricing solutions with their overall global business operations and objectives, assist with strategic documentation to support their transfer pricing practices, and resolve disputes efficiently

    We also furnish Transfer pricing certificate under section 92E of the Income Tax Act, 1961, as required by the client.

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) Compliance
  • We also help our clients to comply with the GST laws prevalent in the country. We ensure that, they dispose their statutory liability in time and take credits provided by the authorities in time so that, we protect them from any financial losses

Company Law Matters & Secretarial Services Top

  • Formation of Indian Companies, Setting up Liaison Offices, and Branch Offices
  • We can help our clients in every aspect of Indian Company Formation and Annual Operation. Our team has experience in registering, setting up and operating dozens of companies in India for various purposes and one can benefit from our experience and understanding of Indian regulations.

    We offer comprehensive Indian company formation services, including setting up of Liaison offices and Branch offices.

  • The Companies Act, 2013
  • We offer consultancy services and advice on various matters under The Companies Act, 2013, including appearance before the company law board.

  • Drafting and maintenance of minutes of Board and Shareholders meeting, Maintenance of statutory records and registers
  • We help our clients in proper management and maintenance of legal documents (records and registers) which are mandated by various statutes. We also advise them on drafting and maintenance of Board Minutes and Annual or Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.

  • We aid companies in preparation and filing of various forms and returns, mandated by The Company’s Act, 2013 with the Registrar of Companies

  • We offer services of Winding-up of companies/striking off the name from the Registrar of Companies under the Act.

Management Services

  • Design, implementation and review of accounting manuals
  • We offer our valuable services in drafting, designing and implementation of manuals including plans and policies that are necessary for the organization in Internal control, Financial transactions, Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial and Tax Planning, Investments, Corporate Restructuring, Amalgamation, Acquisitions and many other areas

  • Business Process Outsourcing

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a strategic step for companies looking to improve service levels, reduce costs, streamline processes, improve process efficiencies, and gain access to best-in-class processes without investing in requisite technology and skills.

    Our clients gain insights, business growth, and measurable business impact through pre-built process asset based solutions, industry focused platform BPO solutions, and integrated BPO services. Our expertise lies in

    • Book keeping, preparation of final accounts and Income-tax returns (domestic & overseas).
    • Payroll Services.
    • Preparation of management accounts and management information systems.
    • Fixed Assets verification and assistance in completion of records.

Performance Optimization Top

  • Project & Working Capital Financing
  • We provide advisory services to its clients in securing Project & Working Capital Finance. We provide end to end services starting from assessment of client requirements, preparation of project reports, projected/provisional financial statements, meeting with bankers/financers etc. till finalization of funding and disbursement. Our range of services covers debt funding, Private Equity (PE) Funding etc. through banks, financial institutions and High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs). Besides arranging finance we also assist in optimum mix of various finance products in order to optimize overall cost and meet peculiar finance needs. We have liaison with various banks, financial institutions and other funding agencies and possess deep insight of the procedures adopted by them for appraisal of the finance proposal.

  • Management Information System
  • A management information system (MIS) is a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, procedures and insists on principle of Management by Exception. Management information systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization.

    We offer our expertise services in the development of MIS system in any organization. We have great exposure of development of MIS system for Small and Medium enterprises.